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Intuitive keywords are selected by Sandbad that match commercial, volume, and competition levels to deliver new customers.

Sandbad ranks high value geo-specific pages using 200+ optimization factors to outpace and outrank your competition.

The Sandbad combination of technology and people can acquire unlimited hyper-targeted links with Google-approved metrics from new referring domains to any desired page on your website.

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SEO consulting services

SEO Consulting Services

Grow the organic traffic coming to your site and get conversions with our consultant services and strategy. Our SEO techniques are comprehensive, holistic, and are based on common sense, white-hat principles. We’ll work with you and your team to help you analyze your competition and research powerful keyword themes to capture Google’s, and other search engines’, attention and favor.

Thematic Keyword Research Services

The backbone of SEO is making sure you select the right keywords to target in titles, URLs, meta descriptions, links, and more. A more inexperienced organic SEO consulting firm might simply run a Google keyword search and decide to go after the top search terms. At Sandbad, we take a more holistic approach with our thematic keyword research. Google likes to see relevant content, and themes help to show that your content is what the search is looking for in an easier way. We basically do everything we can to make ranking your site higher as simple as possible for Google.

SEO is a time-consuming task, and while working with themes might make this even more so, we know it makes a big difference with the results. Over 92% of our clients see ROI within the first three months. Perhaps you had someone do keyword research for you a year ago? We highly recommend you have this done as often as possible as the internet is anything but stagnant. Everything changes. Quickly. Stay current with a search engine optimization consultant you can trust at the helm of your keyword projects.

SEO Audits

Sometimes you need a one-shot opinion and our SEO Audit consulting services provides just that. Have an SEO concern or wondering if your team is making the right decisions. Curious to see if you have SEO gaps that aren’t being filled? Monitor your performance one time or see about our complete strategy solutions. Either way, we’ll tailor our services for just what you need.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is truly the foundation of any great SEO campaign and includes web design, formatting, implementation, and making big changes like website migrations. We scour the code to find the necessary details that missing. Here, we know the parameters that are required for your success.

Content Creation and Optimization

Anyone can get a “writer” to whip up some content for your site, landing pages, or blog. Our content writers and copywriters are high-quality and support all types of projects with SEO at the forefront of every word. They focus on engaging content that not only pulls readers in but keeps them hook and engaged on the page which helps your bounce rates and “time on the page” rates. In other words, sure, we want to make Google happy with proper keyword placement and good SEO, but we also want to give your readers something to chew on as well. The best writers create with both goals in mind.

Link Building Services

Whether you need high-quality backlinks or you need low-quality links removed, Sandbad can help. Our link services consultation includes a free analysis to let you know exactly where you stand with your link building efforts and overall link portfolio. We provide strategies for the short game and the long-term to help you gain the authority you need to rank higher. Every step in the rankings means more eyes on your services and products, and more money in your pocket.

The most important thing to know about our search engine optimization consultant services is that we can custom tailor our offerings to fit your needs. Whether you need a full-strategy solution or you need help in only certain areas, we are a top consultant ready to serve you. Not sure what you need? Let us know what questions you have for us and we’ll get started right away getting you the answers. Get in touch with us today!

Ecommerce tracking works similarly as goal tracking but the metric tracked differs slightly. For businesses whose POS (point of sale) is directly on their website, ecommerce tracking provides a comprehensive overview of data during an SEO campaign and allows businesses to see opportunities in scalability and in increased revenue. By channeling the data through filters like organic search, social media, email, etc. we can trace the origin of traffic which helps to determine which channels are most effective through SEO, and analysis and improve where needed.

Goal tracking works best for larger businesses that want to see an increase in traffic, leads and revenue on their website. For a larger business, goal tracking shows the way that leads come into the marketing funnel, so they are properly handed off to the sales department. This allows us to see how viable the specific medium is as a marketing channel and track the successfulness with data-driven results.

Throughout all SEO campaign efforts, return on investment is always our main goal. ROI is the ultimate metric of success in determining the ways SEO has boosted organic traffic to your website and your search engine result page ranking.

The account management in our SEO campaigns provides detail monthly reports that focus on revenue generated and return on investment to see notable wins in your SEO campaign, as well as areas for improvement and possible increases in SEO practices. The ability to analyze the medium in which the revenue generated came from, like organic traffic or email sequences, let’s SEO campaigns to dial in on active channels and optimize those.

After seeing ROI and revenue generated through the lens of an SEO campaign’s effects, it’s easier to determine the scalability of a business. From understanding ROI and how SEO has benefitted ROI, businesses of all sizes can decide how utilizing more SEO best practices can push their sit up in rankings, bring more traffic to their site, and increase their ROI and revenue generated.

For smaller businesses, tracking leads looks a little bit different. Smaller businesses tend to generate leads via phone calls and email sequences. Tracking these calls and emails communicates the way in which the lead came to contact a business via organic traffic. Other metrics show possible trends in generated leads, but tracking organic traffic gives you quantifiable proof that SEO efforts are actually bringing in more visitors, and thus more leads.

For our clients of smaller sizes, call tracking and email tracking helps convey ways in which organic traffic is being driven to your site, allowing us to continually optimize on-page and off-page attributes to boost organic traffic to your site.


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